Kouros Village

Location and how to get there

Antiparos is a small island in the Cyclades just southwest of Paros. Kouros Village is situated on the seashore in a quiet residential area at the end of the harbor close to the picturesque village and beautiful beaches.

Numerous ferries from Piraeus, Rafina, and other Cycladic islands dock in Parikia on Paros. The ferry for Antiparos leaves from Pounta, approximately 7 km from Parikia, and is easily reached by local buses or taxi. The ferry takes 5-10 minutes. A direct boat from the port of Paros to Antiparos runs during the summer and takes ca 30 minutes.

Paros can also be reached by domestic flights from Athens. The airport of Paros is close to Pounta. Taxis are usually available outside but can also be pre-booked by the Kouros Village staff.

A boat taxi service can be arranged for those who miss the last Pounta ferry, or who want to leave Antiparos very early in the morning.

Kouros Village
Antiparos / Cyclades / Greece
Tel: (+30) 22840 61084-5 / (+30) 210 2014218 / Fax: (+30) 22840 61497 / (+30) 210 8062957
Email: info@kouros-village.gr
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